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Enterprise Mobile

Why mobile?

KRS Mobile develops apps tailored to meet your Enterprise Mobile app strategy. According to research by Webcertain, 62.5% of total internet traffic in South Africa in 2014 was mobile.

Any industry that hasn’t as yet “embraced mobile” is ready for disruption, the primary reason being that nearly everyone is tethered to a mobile device. Statista estimates that by the end of 2016 in excess of 4.6 billion mobile devices will be in use globally.

Currently, around 56% of people have a smart phone and 72% of tablet owners purchase items from their tablets each week. Global research shows that 75% of mobile users went online via their mobile devices at the end of 2015.

Today, you need to connect with and empower your customers, employees and other stakeholders by providing timely access to critical information and services as and where required. You can effortlessly meet your B2B, B2C and B2E requirements with the appropriate Custom Mobile App.