How Does Mobility Impact on IT Operations


Enterprise Mobility is having a significant impact on corporate IT departments. These are the same departments which traditionally issued and controlled the technology that employees use to do their jobs. The blending of personal and business technology now sees IT Ops tasked with deciding how to prioritize development, integrate to back-end systems, protect their networks and manage technology that they perhaps did not procure or provision.


Stakeholders should prioritize which apps to build first by considering the following key components for each app to be developed:- How complex is it to build and what is the scale of impact the app will have on the organisation?


Integration is often the most daunting and tedious component of creating an app and often causes delays in app development. Organisations and IT Ops should consider building an API layer to enable, quicker and simpler integrations.


Visibility and control across users, devices and applications allows for proactive monitoring and quick troubleshooting of network and access issues. To ensure infrastructure efficiency, IT needs real-time insight into application and client traffic along with the ability to automatically optimize load balancing policies.


To satisfy end-to-end security and compliance, IT must provide complete protection for mobile applications, networks and data. A security-conscious mobility strategy is critical to prevent inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information as users move across devices, locations and networks. Secure application delivery is vital to ensure that users are downloading safe applications. Equally important is the accurate configuration of the sandbox on the mobile device.


Any organisation planning either outsource development of an application or creating an internal team to satisfy the rampant demand for mobile apps, is faced with a substantial skills challenge. Retaining the services of professional developers with the array of competencies required to manage an application across multiple platforms and then keep them current in a changing landscape in not a simple task.

As mobile demand and growth continues, a scalable infrastructure should be created and deployed to support these ever-changing demands on the corporate network.