Digital Transformation and Mobile

So what would accurately define Digital transformation? It could probably best be described as the re-factoring of technology or new investment in, business models, platforms and technologies. These in turn enable an organisation to compete more effectively in the digital economy. Enterprise executives mostly view mobile apps as transformative. They expect them to aid customer and employee relationships, competitive ability, revenue growth and efficiency. As a result, Mobile apps are rapidly becoming a key driver and enabler of digital transformation.

The latest Cisco® Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast1, shows that Global mobile data traffic grew by 63% in 2016. It is especially relevant that Africa and the Middle East experienced growth of 96% for the same period. The result being the entire Web, recast to cater for a mobile-first and possibly mobile-only world that operates in its own form, context and location. This requires a new purpose for the web to deliver more personalised and useful information and engagement.

Research conducted by Yahoo’s Flurry Analytics2, shows that overall app usage in 2016 grew by 11%. Total time spent in apps grew by 69% over 2015. The similar growth experienced in previous years for all categories changed for this year. As a result, Messaging and Social applications lead the charge with YOY growth of 44%. Business and Finance apps grew at 30% and at the other end of the scale, News & Magazine apps and Games both experienced a decline in session usage.

Regardless of the type of interaction, these audiences want brands and businesses to tailor their mobile experiences to their interests, behaviours and locations. Companies will need to invest in digital customer experiences so they improve the same for all users and exploit ways to meet people where they are. Enterprise should therefore employ a future-thinking approach that displaces current constraints and allows for advances in technologies

Photo by Olo Eletu.

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