It’s Waterproof (sort of)!

I am seriously so happy! The new iPhone 7 is (sort of ) waterproof. Now we just need screen insurance like the Samsungs have, and I’ll be able to hold my head up again with my Android-loving friends.

Apple, it’s been hard to be a fanboy over the last year or so. Rose gold finishes weren’t enough to justify your price, especially in the face of obvious value in the Android phones.

But I am a fanboy, and I think the new iPhone 7 has some features worth considering:

  • It’s splash-proof:Apple says it’s waterproof up to a depth of 1m, which should help for idiots who jump into swimming pools with their phone in their pockets (I’m not mentioning names…)
  • Stereo speakers that Apples says deliver 2x the volume of the iPhone 6
  • Fast processing through the A10 chip, and improved battery life (yay – maybe my phone will do more than 2 hours of Pokemon Go?)
  • The camera. Drool! If you go for the 7 PLUS you get 2 cameras that shoot as one, but even the “basic” camera is 12 mega-pixel and image stabilized

iPhone 7

And then there’s the Airbud. No more earphone jack, and most importantly, no more Ear Bud spaghetti! My Ear Buds always need detangling, and a whole industry has sprung up of cute plastic gadgets that keep your cords semi-manageable. Well, good bye plastic detangler gadgets!

Tangled cords

In true Apple fashion, the new Airpods are beautifully presented. Apple claims them as “truly magical” and I can see why. They sense that they are in your ears to turn on!

A voice accelerometer recognizes when you are speaking, and filters out external noise to focus on the sound of your voice.

Battery life claims are good – 5 hours of listening time on one charge, and a quick recharging cycle. 15 mins of charging gives 3 hours of battery life.


Now we wait for the arrival of all these cool new Apple tech in South Africa. I’ll see you in the queue!


By Lorraine Steyn
Simplifier-in-Chief at Khanyisa Real Systems