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9 09, 2016

It’s Waterproof (sort of)!

I am seriously so happy! The new iPhone 7 is (sort of ) waterproof. Now we just need screen insurance like the Samsungs have, and I'll be able to hold my head up again with my Android-loving friends. Apple, it's been hard to be a fanboy over the last year or so. Rose gold finishes weren't [...]

1 09, 2016

Does my business require a Mobile App?

Perhaps one of the most common strategy questions currently asked is, "Does my business really need a mobile app to remain relevant or be successful in the current marketplace?" To understand if your business will really benefit from an app it may be better to ask a similar question: “Does my business really require a website?” [...]

22 04, 2016

The KRS Guide to appointing the right app developer

With even the smallest of companies switching onto the power of being mobile and having an ‘app’ to engage and retain customers, it’s no wonder that the technology development world is growing apace. While this is all well and good and the future careers of many are assured, demand in sub-Saharan Africa currently outstrips supply, [...]

9 04, 2016

Five tips to creating ‘apps’ that perform

Today’s business environment is recognising that ‘communication’ is key to driving business performance.  While marketing is still perceived as advertising and branding etc, communication has evolved to include technological software developments that gather queries, route them to the right department for reply and  now, the development and deployment of ‘mobile applications’.  In 2015, if you [...]

27 03, 2016

Top Topics at Mobile World Congress

Since we are talking Apps in this issue and the majority are mobile, here’s a quick look at the top stories from Mobile World Congress that took place in Barcelona at the beginning of this month. Connected Living dominated the talk this year, with innovations like wireless charging lamps and tables from Ikea and a [...]

24 03, 2016

‘I’m Bored’ app now available on Apple

The event and service platform 'I'm Bored' is now available on iOS operating systems on Apple products, allowing users to join the fun and be up to date with what is happening in their neighbourhood when it comes to family friendly events and services. 'I'm Bored' was launched in 2014 as a result of Lorraine [...]